Superfighters 2 Unblocked No Flash Download

Superfighters 2 is the sequel to Superfighters, a popular flash fighting game from 2010. In this version, there are all-new heroes and weapons, as well as other additions to the original concept. The objective of the game remains largely unchanged — defeat your enemies using a multitude of different weapons, or choose hand-to-hand combat if you prefer a challenge!

The controls in this free online fighting game are relatively simple compared to similar games — WASD moves your character around while J attacks and K jump. Pressing U will perform a stun attack on an enemy, whereas pressing I allows your character to unleash their special ability (if they have one). You can pause the game by clicking on the P button at any time.

Play SuperFighters 2 Unblocked:

Play SuperFighters 2 Unblocked at school or work (you can also play it here ) Note that I’m just linking to websites where you can play the game – I don’t host any files myself. Game Name Play Super Fighter chooses different characters, each with their own special abilities and combat techniques. Try all the fighters and find your favorite! Controls: WASD keys to move, J to attack, K to jump, U for stun attack, I for special ability. Style : Side-view unblocked fighting game.

What is SuperFighters 2?

Hello and welcome to another edition of “What is SuperFighters 2?”! When last we met, we left off having just learned about the game’s controls. Of course, if you’ve never played it before, simply watching me control my character probably isn’t going to explain anything.

So I propose instead to start with an introductory type of post – what this series is supposed to be about. You see, what I’d like to do here is explain some basic things about the game first – things that should hopefully help us all get better at it in due time.


How to play Super Fighters 2 unblocked?

What makes it unique over other brawling games which you can find on Newgrounds or Armor Games, though, is its use of “chains” as opposed to traditional combos. Just like in the case of Streets of Rage, Bub and Bob’s brawling game of choice, the longer a chain gets and points-wise more effective (hitting with different moves in succession), the better. Plus: like its predecessor, you can only “carry over” successfully landed blows to your next turn – i.e., if you manage to hit an opponent 3 times in a row, but they block the 4th time, you’ll have to start all over again.

Superfighters 2 unblocked?

That being said, however, there are some key differences between the way Superfighters 2 works and how Streets of Rage does it. First of all – no standing throws! Does that mean that if you’ve managed to corner an opponent against a wall or against another object, you’re stuck with them there for the whole round? Nope! As in any fighting game, if your opponent is too close to an edge, they’ll be forced to walk towards it. The only difference is that once they get there, instead of throwing them off-screen – which would have probably made fights impossible to complete – the game’s programmers decided to use a different kind of “wall” effect: an invisible wall that pushes both players away from each other.

Second big difference you’ll notice are guard blows (blocking another move will make your character flinch backward). They are also one of the things that can potentially break through your regular combos.