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silent Auctions ideas In History

I have to hand it to Jim Cockrum, author of “Silent Sales Machines” he has out done himself with this newly, updated e-book for E-bay and internet marketing entrepreneurs. What use to be called “Silent Sales Machines – hidden on eBay” is now simply “Silent Sales Machines.”

This e-book is in its 6th edition silent auction donation ideas and has a whopping 123 pages of pure mining gold excitement. Every chapter (8 in all) from start to finish will give you at least 5 new money making ideas to use on e-bay and in your internet marketing campaigns, and this is a conservative number. I came up with at least 10 unique ideas in just 6 of the chapters.

Plus he gives you 7 bonus chapters or what is called “special reports”

*What should I sell?
*Creating money from thin air
*Creating money with other peoples stuff
*Finding free or cheap stuff to sell on eBay
*Wholesale and Drop Ship advice

And this is just Special report #1 there are six more reports that deal with e-bay and internet marketing. You are not just left with an e-book. Jim also has a resource page where he has audio updates to the book and e-bay rules. Videos that reinforces what he teaches inside of silent sales machines plus much, much more. There is just absolutely too much to cover in this short review.

I have read this e-book cover to cover over 25 times since I received it and it is an absolute gold mine of information that I highly, highly recommend.

If you want to sell on eBay and learn to make money from the traffic that comes to your auctions and not from just the one winner of your auction alone then this e-book is a must.

If you want to learn how to market with affiliate programs, your own e-books, products and services the right way which isn’t always easy to do, then let Jim through his Silent Sales Machines show you step by step how to create multiple streams of income using e-bay and the internet.