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Pokemon Black and White

Pokemon is a series of video games that was first released in Japan in 1996. The name Pokemon is actually derived from “Pocket Monsters”. It is published by Nintendo intended for Nintendo DS. The success of the games can be appreciated from the statistics that Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon ROM reveal that the fifth generation of the game was released in the first week of March 2011. Pokemon Black and White version is the latest version of the game released for Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. These Pokemon games feature all of the previous characters plus additional 156 new Pokemon. To make the new games interesting only these new Pokemon are a part of the main game.

The new Pokemon Black and White game features 3D experience with complete 3D bridges and a 3D city. The setting of the new game is slightly different and the city of Unovo, where the game is staged is a little far from the previous regions. As part of the game play you are required to go to the previous regions by plane or boat. The region is designed such that the Castelia City is full of tall buildings and sky scrapers and, the rest of Unovo is industrialized with train tracks and factories.

There are many new features introduced in the Pokemon Black and White games such as the battles. The Rotation battles and the triple battles are the new methods of battles where you have to send out three Pokemon simultaneously to battle. There is also the feature of Wonder Launcher that can be played over the WiFi. With these features you can use items to help you during a battle, but at a cost. During the battles, the camera keeps zooming in and out on the Pokemon as they move about. When the Pokemon and Gold and Silver were launched they introduced the concept of day and night and similarly the Pokemon Black and White have introduced seasons. With the change in the seasons, significant changes take place in the game such as the background music, location aesthetics and wile Pokemon.

The game has numerous new features for the multiplayer experience such as the Xtransceiver, which allows players to video chat with their friends. The game also allows access to the internet where players can have random matches online via the Pokemon Global Link. In addition to these matches, players are also ranked on the basis of their performance and access to the Dream World section, where players can gain access to the non-Unova Pokemon and items that can are not available in Unova such as Berries.

The story of the game requires you to stop Team Plasma, a team that have the right intention as they want to stop the slavery of the Pokemon as they perceive trainers to be enslaving the Pokemon. Pokemon Black and White have made some major changes to the game and players will stay engrossed in the game throughout the entire story.